Vera Lanius – Marshall of the Realm


Only daughters were born to Geryn Lanius, whom was the acting Marshall of Draksborne before his untimely death. When he passed, his duties fell to Vera, his eldest daughter who was only fourteen at the time and unwed. Thus, her and her sister’s youth was filled with military training and duties, very different from any other noble daughters in Draksborne. At the age of fifteen she was conferred the title of Marshall of the Realm and stepped into her father’s role. Now at only eighteen she commands the armies of Draksborne and has begun the training regiments to see them ready for invasions on the neighbouring kingdoms. So too does she oversee much of the operation of the Darkwing organisation.

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The full story

Vera Lanius – Marshall of the Realm

Vera has had the weight of the world upon her shoulders since she was a little girl. When she was a child she had prayed for a baby brother, for though her father showed her much love she detested the thought of being groomed for command and war. When he passed to disease when Vera was but fourteen winters old, all his responsibilities fell to her. Most noble daughters had been betrothed at this age, yet Vera was still without a future spouse. Conferred the title of Marshall of the Realm a year after her father’s passing, she stepped into his role with determination, sweeping behind the years of doubt and detestment behind her.

Vera would prove to be a formidable warrior and commander. Any who questioned her authority were often put back in their place by either her wits or her swift leg kick. She gained respect from other officers and soldiers quickly for her relentless attitude, and though still has times where she feels below the large world she was raised to thrive in, she presses on.

Now at eighteen, she prepares regiments for frontline combat. Something that Draksborne’s soldiers have not seen for years. With Formen and Belfrie weakened from the Liturium War, it creates a ripe opportunity for Draksborne to invade. Though Marshall of the Realm has its grievances, the ultimate power gives her much joy, and so too does she have command over the Darkwing Guard to begin the underlying plotting to see the invasions carried out succinctly.

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