Eridius Falx – Tower Guard


An elite of the Draksborne Guard with the duty of protecting Draksborne’s royal family. Eridius holds no lands, wives nor children. His sole duty is to the protection of the Destra Family, from his life until death. Since he was a boy it was his dream to be such a knight in shining armour, and now he lives that dream daily in service of his nation, in hopes that one day he can take part in restoring Draksborne to its former glory. For now he acts as an anti-dissenter, deployed on the front line in riots against constitutionalists and other seperatist movements.

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The full story

Eridius Falx – Tower Guard

Eridius was orphaned when he was only seven summers old. His parents passing to Blood-Lung, he had no relatives with which would take him, so he was given to an orphanage in Andunae. Only there for a year, he and dozens of other boys were taken out by decree of the King Arnton Destra. There they were put into military training, learning sword-fighting and other martial arts from the moment they arrived in Sundestra’s Imperial Academy. Many of the boys that joined with Eridius found it gruelling, hating it worse than the orphanage for the physical labour exerted on them left many boys crippled and some even dead before they reached adulthood.

Eridius never felt any semblance of spite towards the king, for he saw that he was saved from the orphanage and in his own turn the least he could do would be giving his life in service to that who saved it. Thus he would spend his nights dreaming of becoming a knight in shining armour, dedicated to the protection of the royal family. It was not long for him to achieve this, he was a standout in every class, and eventually handpicked by Artnon’s son, Wilhelm IV to be in his personal bodyguard retinue. Wilhelm became good friends with Eridius, assigning him to the Darkwing after many lengthy discussion regarding the restoration of the empire.

Now Eridius acts as a riot breaker, joining in a phalanx against enemies of Draksborne’s crown. Every slain enemy bring joy to Eridius, who sees each kill as a debt repayed to Arnton and Wilhelm. He looks forward to the day that he can give his life for them on the frontlines of the impending war.

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