Elaina Naire – The Deathbringer


Patron to Namneri, the Soul Bearer and Cedhelieth, the Life Giver, Elaina has dedicated much of her time to the destruction of undead fiends or any who would artificially extend their lives. Elaina left behind her husband and children in the city of Tresford to forge her path of righteousness in thanks to the gods for the life given to her and the life she has given that she thought she never could. After hearing of her crusade, those in the Darkwing sought to bring Elaina into their midst, for they knew in the deeper recesses of other kingdom’s secret societies still lived in false life many ancient rulers. Thus Elaina was set upon them with Valter the Vampire Hunter, aiming to destroy the undead that hang in the bowels of foreign palaces and destabilise the heathen kings that allowed such a mockery of life’s precious finite time.

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The full story

Elaina Naire – The Deathbringer

Elaina grew up in the city of Tresford, daughter to an elven father and human mother much of her early life was fraught with prejudice from the low status half-races have in Draksborne. Though even pure elves are not as detested, half-elves are culturally shunned, even though most humans are unable to tell the difference. She was fortunate to find love while still young, though could not bare children no matter how much she tried. Thus she made a prayer to Cedhelieth, that if she could carry a child she would dedicate the rest of her life to the deity. Months later Elaina gave birth to twins, and once they were reared to an age that they no longer required constant attention, Elaina dreamt of the golden-haired Cedhelieth, though next to her was her silver-haired brother Namneri. They offered to her a pact: to act as their agents upon Tharador for the good life and wellbeing of her twins.

Elaina accepted, and woke powerful, becoming a hex bladed agent of the two and fulfilling their tasks and deeds through dreams in her sleep. When her powers reached the ears of Darkwing, she was recruited into their midst acting as an agent against the undead that festered within the political ranks of many neighbouring kingdoms. Cedhelieth and Namneri did little to stop this, despite seeing that their own pawn had been acquired as a political pawn for Draksborne – their enemy was still being vanquished by their agent.

Now she travels alongside Valter, a human Vampire Hunter with methods more drastic than what she is used to herself. Though her family sits deep within her heart, the thought of them now feels like a distant memory rather than the reason she fights.

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