Valter Brookes – Vampire Hunter


The Brookes family were vampire hunters for generations. Valter’s ancestor was tasked with killing the vampiric twin of the Belfrie brothers during the Belfrie Rebellion. Having failed, it left a stain on their family that Valter now aims to set right. Having heard Arthur Belfrie was alive and well on Duskweave Isle before fleeing from the isle’s colonists, Valter now hunts him and other undead nobles through the seceded kingdoms that surround Draksborne. He travels alongside Elaina, a warlock with similar convictions against the undead. Both backed by the Darkwing, they thank the organisation for the opportunity to fulfil their goals, though have little investment in the political ramifications of their actions.

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The full story

Valter Brookes – Vampire Hunter

Vampires are thought to be few and far between in modern times of Tharador. Most of the Almenhier clan fled from Duskweave following its resettlement, and the remaining clans reside mainly in the continent’s north. Valter knows however that this sentiment is incorrect, for vampires instead live in plain site, unknown to the eyes of most lay people for their guise has become so strong that they are truly mistaken for actual persons.

Valter has known this since he was a child, for his family has been tasked with ridding Draksborne of vampires for centuries. Their greatest failure was failing to kill Arthur Belfrie, who had been inflicted with vampirism sometime during the Belfrie Rebellion. It was this vampire that used his unholy abilities to kill Draksborne’s king at the time, ending the war and ushering in the newest age of darkness for Draksborne. Thus the Brookes’ have hunted for Arthur for years, whom always seems to evade them.

Now the Darkwing has taken Valter under their wing, promising his family’s honour to be restored if instead he were to focus his energies towards greater targets like Arthur Belfrie that still hold status within other kingdoms, most notably Karkanoth to the north. Thus he and a half-elven warlock Elaina travel the continent, sniffing out and cutting short the life of any unholy fiends that aim to control their kingdoms from the shadows.

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