Cardioth – Holy Paladin


Raised as a paladin to Erdrydion, divine of Justice & Truth, Cardioth spent much of his life in the cloisters of Erdrydion’s Monastery in Canos. He was an orphan as a child, chosen by the church after rigorous tests were done on his orphanage to find one with his natural abilities. While Cardioth knew he was being brought up as an agent of the church, what he did not realise until later was that his true purpose was as an agent of the Darkwing. Now he uses his position within Erdrydion’s Clergy to sow discontent in the populaces of other nations, and invoke the name of Erdrydion when battering down naysayers in riots and upsets.

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The full story

Cardioth – Holy Paladin

Cardioth never knew his parents, he was abandoned as a babe on the doorstep of Canos Orphanage. When he was only a few years old the church of Erdrydion visited, performing rigorous mental, emotional and physical tests on the children near Cardioth’s age in the monastery. Several weeks later, a paladin and priestess came to collect him, taking him to the monastery in Canos’ outskirts.

There he was brought up in both mind and body to become a righteous force of Erdrydion, though mentally he was also being conditioned to become a zealot of Draksborne, willing to give his life for both god and country. He invokes Erdrydions name now as he strikes down naysayers and slanderers against the kingdom in the street, known as an executioner by many. So too does he travel to other kingdoms, striking down those who would see Draksborne fall once again, seeing their plotting and deceit as injustices against nature Edrydion’s nature.

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