Katrin Veldius – Travelling Assassin


Confused looks often meet Katrin when she introduces herself as a diplomat of Draksborne. Inhuman types are often segregated in Draksborne, yet Katrin is dressed well in noble garb, speaks well and comes off as well learned. Those that are foolish enough to face her in combat or challenge her are often quick to regret their actions, as she is swift as wind with her razor claws and can take down several soldiers on her own, looking as though a vicious beast has mauled them to death after. Her appearance leaves little failure in describing her, so as an assassin she must always ensure no witnesses are left behind. As she knocks off targets of the Darkwing one by one on the roads and in the wilderness of Tharador, she sates her bloodlust while furthering Draksborne’s goals.

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The full story

Katrin Veldius – Travelling Assassin

A slave purchased from Sudd Tohst originally as a housekeeper to the Destra family, Katrin quickly proved herself after slaughtering a would-be thief that had attempted to break into the bedchamber of one of the king’s children. Katrin held high regard for the Destra family, for they were the kindest masters she had, who bathed her, fed her and gave her her own spacious quarters to reside in.

After this display, Katrin was granted her freedom, though chose to remain in the palace in service to those that had treated her so well. The Darkwing held other ideas though after seeing her display, for the corpse had appeared to be mauled by a wild beast. It was only when Katrin came forward that they had ruled the thief’s death a homicide. Thus they set her loose on political targets on the road, paying her an opulent sum, enough for her to buy her own manor in Sundestra.

Any time a political target would be found on the road, she would attack without warning – slaughtering her target and any to bare witness to the attack. All that could be complained about was the lack of guard patrols against beasts on the road, and never was Katrin or the Darkwing a suspect to any of the killings.

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