Trellus Tacitus – Baldurian Defector


Once a officer in training of Baldur, Trellus was considered among the most promising up-and-coming stars of the Baldur Military Academy. It was here that he excelled for his love of reading, constantly taking himself into study for hours. It was this that would also be his undoing – as he read of the Goltian War, he begun to piece together things that Baldur’s higher ups did not take lightly. Accusing Baldur of funding the Elemi invaders against their Goltian allies, Trellus attempted to blow the whistle, though quickly he was branded a traitor and slapped in the dungeons of Grimgate. Only after a year in captivity did he escape, thanks to a military coup that ravaged Grimgate at the time. He fled to Draksborne the first chance he could, and begun to plot against the downfall of the nation he once called home.

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The full story

Trellus Tacitus – Baldurian Defector

Growing up, Trellus always felt himself to be a patriot of Baldur. It was the most advanced, forward thinking, healthy human kingdom in Tharador, there was no reason not to be. Of his own volition he joined the Baldur Military Academy in the city of Grimhelm, aiming to give service to the country his heart swelled for. It was there that he would pour over old books and maps for hours on end in the academy’s library, filling his mind with ancient knowledge most his peers would simply gloss over.

It was here that through cross referencing of several accounts of the Goltian War that Trellus formed a theory that Baldur’s involvement was more nefarious than first thought. Baldur always ascertained that it could not join their Goltian allies in the war for fear of Draksborne capitalising on their troops mobilising east, however he read of several ship logs of the time that showed trade routes to Goltian cities that were already occupied by the invading Elemi at the time. When Trellus brought this up, he was given a stern warning against treason, though his sense of right felt tainted if he were to simply sit on this knowledge. In the centre of his university he stood upon a podium, lecturing his peers on the Baldurian treachery against Goltia, aiming to take the land easily for themselves once the Elemi had settled. Though Baldur was easily driven back.

The officers of the university slapped him in irons, branded him a traitor to the nation and sent him to the stockades in Grimgate to meet an ill fate. Trellus was fortunate, for several months after he arrived in Grimgate’s dungeons, a military coup saw the walls of the dungeon breached. Trellus was able to escape, stowing away on a merchant ship bound for Draksborne he found raising anchor in the docks. There he made himself known to Draksborne’s authorities, offering himself as a force against Baldur. He was inducted into the Darkwing after a few months, now acting as an expert on Baldur foreign affairs.

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