Ekerin the Silver Tail


Ekerin’s family has lived in service to the Destra family of Draksborne for centuries. First found living in the mountains of Sundestra Isle, Ekerin’s ancestors were tamed by the men shortly after the settlement of the isle. Ekerin is just another link in a chain of the Drakes that service the Destra’s. Acting of his own accord, Ekerin offers guidance and wisdom in secret councils, acting as a member of the Darkwing Guard as both a weapon and councillor. He wishes to see the empire restored, intending that his kin will be deployed across the realm as new lands are conquered, to act as councillors and peacekeepers in the newly occupied lands.

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The full story

Ekerin the Silver Tail

Drakes were native to Sundestra for millennia before the arrival of humans to the isle. Though only decades after the arrival of man Drakes came to serve the noble family that settled the isle. The Drakes acted as both warriors and sages to the men, and though their first meetings were filled with violence and turmoil the two began an eventual symbiotic relationship. With the help of the Drakes, the Destra family that settled Sundestra went on to conquer much of the mainland, founding the First Kingdom of Draksborne.

Ekerin is a long descendant of those first Drakes, though still his fate is entwined to the Destra’s. He sits deep within the mountains of Sundestra Isle, acting as a councillor to the king and his own council. At times when it permits, he will leave the safety of his mountain abode and join in battle should he be required, for the strength and ferocity of a Drake is only rivalled by Dragons, who are much rarer in the lands of Draksborne.

For now, Ekerin plans the re-expansion of the Empire, aiming to instill his kin at each empire’s corners to provide counsel to each local ruler as he does to the king in Sundestra. With this it is hoped a more stable empire will come to fruition than before, though orchestrating the steps to reach there he must leave to the Darkwing.

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