Sir Brax Attican – Dark Knight


The Attican line can trace itself to the founding days of Draksborne. Always was House Attican loyal to the emperor of Draksborne. When the empire fell, so too did the prestige of their house, for as the Marshall’s of the realm they were those who oversaw much of the war efforts against the revolting kingdoms. Now Brax aims to restore that prestige, dedicating himself to the Darkwing, he often leaves in service of Draksborne’s future, accompanying Agents on voyages across the sea or leading raids against constitutionalists across Draksborne, cutting off their heads wherever they may sprout.

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The full story

Sir Brax Attican – Dark Knight

As a child Brax would often hear tales of his ancestors. House Attican was renowned and wreathed in prestige in Draksborne’s past, though this all changed in the empire’s fall. Brax’s father held his son in high expectations, even for a noble. He had hoped that Brax would be the one to restore the family honour at the turning of the tide. Brax’s childhood was gruelling, days and months spent in front of military manuals, even longer performing drills in the range and sparring with master swordsman who would leave him battered and bruised in the dirt time after time.

Patriotism was instilled in him from an early age as well, and by the time he was a squire he was ready to give his life for Draksborne. This came as Sir Horus who he was squire to encountered a group of supposed refugees fleeing from the persecution of Belfrie’s own crown. Denying them passage, the group immediately turned hostile, attempting to slay Horus and Brax both for impeding them. The two managed to cut the group down, though Horus lay wounded. From then Brax felt that he could trust none beyond Draksborne’s borders.

Now as a knight of his own, he takes pride in removing anything that would bring threat to Draksborne’s future, including dissenters from within and other foreign influences. Often he is sent beyond the borders of Draksborne as accompaniment to agents of the Darkwing, with the intent that he provides his unparalleled martial prowess if things go awry. He takes much joy in slaying the enemies of Draksborne, though feels uncomfortable whenever he leaves her borders.

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