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DM Stash FAQs

We get a lot of messages on our socials and emails asking us a few things, so for everyone’s convenience we’ve constructed this nice little FAQ below. If there’s anything that’s not answered feel free to reach out to us!

Do you take commissions?

We don’t take commissions. However, if you’re a designer or business wishing to collaborate please feel free to send us an email or message us on Instagram.

Do you do physical sales?

Yes we do. You can either purchase them through our store on Only-Games or support one of our independent merchants. Please note fulfilment is separate of DM Stash at both of these locations so we cannot manage your orders in any way.

What order do I play the 5E Campaign Modules in?

The modules are all able to be played standalone, though there is an intent that some modules interlink into an overarching Campaign Saga that follows a continuous plot thread if played in order. We do have some exceptions though: The Renegade PrinceThe Liturium War and Feywalkers are our three completely standalone modules, but each still takes between 6 to 12+ sessions of play time to complete.


SUN & MOON SAGA (MAY ’21 – SEP ’21)

Alimrothi Menace, Sands of Sudd Tohst, Undead Uprising and Renmaeth’s Dream are in respective play order for the Sun & Moon Saga. It is played from Level 3 to 11.



Two Sides of One Coin, The Darkwing Conspiracy, Shifting Snow and Depths of Duoarastat are the respective play order for the Strings Unseen Saga (previously known as Psyflayer Saga). It is played from level 5 to 13.



Sunless Strassen, The Sightless Seer, Divine Awakening and A Desperate Defense make up the play order for the Mindoriel’s Awakening Saga. It is played from Level 10 to 18.



Rampage of the Elements, The Grand Hunt and A Swamp of Horrors make up the play order for our Untamed Wilds Saga. This saga also directly leads into the latest saga “The Falling Moon.” Though these two sagas should be played with separate characters/parties. Untamed Wilds is played from Level 3 to 12.



The Falling Moon is named in an order that is much easier to follow, simply played in order of Part I, Part II and Part III. However as with all our modules each part can be played standalone and detached from the rest of the saga. The Falling Moon is played from Level 5 to 13.



Our latest saga “Arisen Depths” follows the same parted naming convention, but with additional subtitles to better define and give identity to each unique arc (since they are also able to be self-contained). As with all our modules each part can be played standalone and detached from the rest of the saga. Arisen Depths is played from Level 7-15. It is played in order: Part I: Riddles & Ruins, Part II: A Deadly Curriculum, Part III: Beneath the Waves.



Our latest saga and the final saga on Tharador for a while before we move to the exotic continent of Edrador to the east. This sees the escalation and end of the Liturium War that has been a reoccurring background (and sometimes foreground) event through our campaigns for the last 2 years. It is played from Level 3 and up. It begins with Part I: One Final Effort.

Is there a welcome pack for subscribers?

There is! It grows by 1 model every month and you can find info about it here. It is included a separate post & download for our patrons.

Do you guys do loyalty models?

You bet. For our Tribes subscribers this is unfortunately impossible to track right now (though we’ve been told MMF is working on it!) But we send redemptions each month to our loyal subscribers. For 3 months we have the enormous Mammoth Giant – Gardan. For 6 months we have the super customizable Turtle-folk figure: Dawn Shell.

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