Orthis – Psionic Master


A knight of a great secretive order during his previous life on Terra. It was this memory and experience that drove Orthis to convince his fellow Mementos to found the Psithars as a secretive order within Tharador. Now he acts as the deputy leader of the order, taking Violet’s role in times where she has perished, and has not yet been reborn or is too young to awaken and recall her previous lives and psionic abilities.

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The full story

Orthis – Psionic Master

Orthis’ earliest life he could remember was as a saintly knight among a secretive order in the Kingdom of Bohemia. Though he fought in many battles in his years and served his order and divine honourably, it would seem that fate would cruelly fell him not in battle, but in a mass grave of writhing and dying souls like himself, stricken with a plague of apocalyptic proportions. His order, which he had been loyal too since boyhood, gave him no reprieve or treatment when they learned of his ailment, choosing to instead throw him upon a corpse cart while he still drew breath – like he was an unwanted burden upon them.

When he awoke upon the plains of Tharador alongside thousands of the other first men, the memory was still fresh in his mind, as though it had just occurred. Convinced he had been sentenced into some sort of unholy purgatory for sins against his divine, he sought atonement in Tharador, hoping that in some way he might be granted passage to the divine afterlife he had been promised. It was in this time that he was stumbled upon by Violet and Henrique: two others who could recall their lives before on Terra. Orthis thought perhaps they were the only other lucid spirits in this purgatorial afterlife, and though they were able to talk about their lives before their deaths, Orthis remained closely guarded in his secretive knightly order.

Together, along with Elias of Bavaria, they found themselves as the only Men of Tharador with memory of their past lives, calling themselves Mementos. When each of them passed, they found themselves again in new lives, recalling both their time on Terra, and their first life on Tharador again. Able to reunite once more, Orthis suggested keeping their memories and order secretive, thus forming the beginnings of the Psithars. It was under Orthis’ suggestions that their organisation be a cloaked vestige from the eyes of the public, for in their last lives they were ridiculed and mocked for their claims of Men’s origin. Thus their latent Psionic powers began awakening, and they became privy to more like them scattered among the human population, now at war with the powerful Colossals of the Oldavori Empire. Orthis became a commander of Men, though perished dozens of times in his wars against their enemies. Slowly the Psithars became to realise that Men were simply pawns of Tharador and the Tharameni against a problem the divine had created themselves, and their goals thus shifted with internal factions of the Psithars leaning in one way to establish human dominion over the continent, while others instead wished to return to Terra.

Orthis in the meanwhile grew tired and jaded of all of it, having fallen in battle again and again over a thousand years, and watching on as searches for planeshifting back to Terra proved fruitless, with the only promising avenues resulting in absolute devastation when things went awry. Now he sees Henrique, his companion of old transformed thousands of years later, in a desperate attempt to ascend godhood, at the cost of millions of human lives across Tharador. Seeing his attempt as fruitless, dangerous and potentially world ending, the Psithars must forsake their clandestine nature to unite and put an end to their old comrade. Though Orthis can see the pain in the heart of Violet, he himself has grown callous and cold to their ordeal, seeing his continued time on Tharador as punishment for his life on Terra, still believing deep down this is all some purgatorial afterlife, one which he cannot escape.

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