Midorius the Remade – Eldritch Flayer Dragon


A young Green Dragon, originally enthralled by Hendrak’s pawn Karthys. Used as the first means to unleash the blight upon the city of Eredel, Dragonblight earned its name from this event. When Midorius was slain, its body was picked apart by carrion feeders who continued the diseases spread across Draksborne. Though now Hendrak has reanimated it, imbuing it with a powerful strain of the blight as he sets it upon his enemies in one final effort for the unfortunate dragon.

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The full story

Midorius the Remade – Eldritch Flayer Dragon

Midorius’ journey from the depths of the Hollow to the valleys within Eredel Duchy is a flight from darkness to a different kind of bondage. Escaping as the Putrid Fog, a malevolent miasma that had plagued its subterranean home, began to recede, Midorius sought the liberty it believed the surface world could offer. However, freedom proved elusive, replaced instead by the servitude under Karthys, a master with designs hidden even from the dragon itself. The lure was a hatchling, the last of Midorius’s line, compelling the dragon into a reluctant obedience.

Karthys, at the will of the assuring voice of Hendrak in his mind, instilled a nascent plague in the heart of the dragon, unleashing it upon the people of Eredel, unbeknownst to Midorius. Here the ailment of Dragonblight started, as it began spreading across the kingdom of Draksborne, engulfing the land in chaos. While Midorius’ corpse rotted, slain by heroes attempting to quell the disease’s spread, Hendrak came to it. In its festering body he instilled within it a powerful strain of the disease, reanimating it and bending it now entirely to his will, the guise of his pawns shed. On the back of Midorius he flew to Draksborne’s capital of Sundestra, where the new strain of the disease was unleashed, turning the already quarantined city into a place of anarchy and chaos, one that even the Dark Spawn of Mindoriel would marvel at.

Now as the Lingering Spire continues its ascent above the city, Midorius prowls from its tops, keeping watch over the mayhem left by its master. When others attempt to make their way up, Midorius is quick to end their feeble attempts.

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