Aberrant Hellhounds


Creatures from the depths of Nosmarka’s Abyss, risen from the underworld by Hendrak and converted to be his subservient dogs. They have proven themselves as terrors upon the peoples of Draksborne, able to fell swathes of guards, soldiers and even powerful heroes that Hendrak would sic them on.

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The full story

Aberrant Hellhounds

When Hendrak concocted Dragonblight, he knew that powerful heroes across Minera might stand to oppose him. Thus he made a bargain with the Chaos Mistress Nosmarka: a legion of Hellhounds given to him, in promise that he would ultimately destroy Namneri’s Chalice when his goal was complete, unleashing millions of souls that would wander unaware into her domain of the Nocturnal Abyss.

Gladly she complied, and the scores of Hellhounds brought before Hendrak were thus infected with the Dragonblight, made entirely subservient to his will so Nosmarka could not ever try sic them against him, for he knew how treacherous the dark goddess of chaos was by nature. The hellish dogs powers grew even more deadly than he could have predicted, their unholy amalgamations of the hellish and eldritch nature resulting in a fierce, unpredictable and wild new temperament, along with sprouted tentacles that gave them an edge in both combat in movement. Able to defend and attack with them, as well as propel themselves quickly along the ground, they turned the hellhounds from a powerful foe, to something prophesied to arise in the end times: creatures of unimaginable power capable of tearing a whole legion of men apart before they suffered a scratch. Even mighty heroes opposing Hendrak found themselves direly injured and exhausted after battling only one.

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