Hadrian – The Iron Colossal


Referred to as “The Wall” this Soulforged like all his kind originally hails from the far continent of Edrador. Forged as a weapon of war and conquest, his life as such a machine is long forgotten, and he has instead vowed to carve a path of redemption to atone for the sins of a life that has all but passed from his memory, sans his own “tome of sins” he carries around, a constant memento of his past life as a conqueror.

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The full story

Hadrian – The Iron Colossal

In the decades leading up to the Anshani Empire’s Golden Age, the largest empire to grace the face of Minera was engulfed in wars on all fronts almost endlessly. As their reserve of able-bodied warriors dwindled, they became more reliant on recycling the souls of their soldiers to keep constant numbers on their front lines. Hadrian was one of these, Soulforged. A machine forged from the soul of a servant or enemy of the Empire to continue their service even in death.

Though Hadrian was unique, for in his life as a man he was already renowned for his boisterous form, sharp mind and temporal wrath. An exemplary general and soldier, he had earned his title as “The Wall” long before his death and transformation into a man of metal and stone. Indeed, Hadrian’s Soulforged form was moulded after the design of the fearsome armour he donned in life which drove terror into the hearts of any who stood before him, his own men included. Even when he was eventually felled by an assassin of Yanak Ti, he did not relent.

When he come to understand his Soulforged body and learnt to wield it for all its strengths and weaknesses, he was quick to throw himself into the fray, becoming a fighter on the front lines again rather than a general fighting from the back. The poison of Yanak Ti’s warriors was now little threat to him, and he felt great joy as he tore them limb from limb and descaled many while they still drew breath. For Hadrian, his rebirth into the body of a Soulforged was a blessing. Yet when the Anshani Empire fell, his purpose dwindled. No longer did he have a flag to fight for, nor an emperor to die for. They had all gone to the great beyond, while he was left behind in the hopeless, crumbling ruins of the empire, now squabbled over by dozens of unworthy pretenders vying to become the true successor to the glory of Anshan.

For over a thousand years Hadrian has reflected, but as with all Soulforged his memory of Anhsan is long gone, his mind slowly eroded and memories faded as centuries pass by. Only his Tome of Sins reminds him of his past life, his name and his mission. For now he knows his soul will find no rest, whatever end his body might have on Minera. He must follow the trails left by his forebears to the great beyond, and his search has now led him to Tharador and its elusive Psithars, a faction that claims the race of Men indeed belong to another world, and have long searched for ways to return there. It is the belief of Hadrian that allying with them now in their time of need in Draksborne may give him the knowledge he seeks, and perhaps the crisis itself may even bring answers to questions that have long plagued him.

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