Violet – Leader of the Psithars


One of the founding members of the Psithars, Violet and Henrique have been soulmates across dozens of lives on Tharador as they led the armies of Men in the Colossal War and begun their research into ways to return to Terra. Though as their research delved deeper, their ideals split, as did their seemingly unseverable bond. Henrique turned to drastic, dangerous, and world shattering ideas that Violet would not take part in.

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The full story

Violet – Leader of the Psithars

Among the first risen humans in Draksborne, Violet thought herself to be insane for her first life upon Tharador. For when she woke she remembered all that had transpired beforehand: her homeland of Arles, the waves of death at the hands of a deadly plague, the deaths of her own family members, and fleeting moments of consciousness as the illness claimed her as well. It was all clear to her as a painting, yet none around her could recall such a place, nor the tongue she spoke. All except a few, who Violet came to know over the years, as they would each seldom bring up memories of their old lives. These others were Henrique, a young man from a province not far from her own, Elias from the land of Bavaria and Orthis of Bohemia. Together they formed a small order, the Mementos, those who remembered their land and lives before the mysterious new world of Minera.

Yet when Violet’s first life was lived, she only found herself again over a decade later. She lived a full childhood as a young girl to a new family before she could recall her homeland of Brittany again.When finally she did, she found she also recalled her life before, in all its detail, nigh perfect. She recalled the Mementos, and her companions. When she returned to the grotto they had made their home, she found it abandoned, her companions also passed on, though she would regularly return in hopes they might as well, and her hopes were not in vain. It was Henrique who came back, only a year after her. Elias and Orthis a few years later too. Once again they rekindled their group, and began finding other members too. It was in this time that they began to discover their intrinsic link to one another through means of a magic beyond the bounds of Minera’s Breath, a magic seemingly unique to them: psionic magic.

They nurtured this newfound power among each other, using it to communicate and find each other even when separated by thousands of miles, or a lifetime. So they began to use it to also find others like them, and begin growing their order, changing its name to the Psithars, as not all who joined their ranks could naturally remember their prior lives, nor continue remembering them as Violet and the other founders did. From the shadows they led their people in the war against the Colossals, wielding magic that the Oldavori sages held no knowledge of, yet could provide nigh every benefit to the Men of Tharador, as the elite Psithars could peer into the minds of their enemies, able to see every move they were making or fear they held. Likewise they could peer into the minds of their comrades and relieve them of their fears and anxieties, and instil hope and fortitude in them, even in the face of foes as mighty as Colossals. Though they did not want to engage in a war beset on them by Gods not their own, they saw it as a necessity to ensure the survival of their people, for the Colossals would eradicate them otherwise, and the war gave way to many potential recruits to join the ranks of the Psithars. Though they hoped it would be a quick and decisive win, the war dragged on for over seven centuries: dozens of lifetimes.

It was Henrique himself who oversaw the utter destruction of the Oldavori Empire of the Colossals, ensuring their apocalyptic Vavanasai would instead fire on their own people, instead of the Men now strewn across nearly every corner of Tharador. With the final death blow dealt, their focus moved to their original intended goal: return home to Terra. Though Violet wished to do it in a way that would deal as little damage or scarring to Tharador as possible, Henrique cared little for caution. Whatever destruction was wrought in their wake would not matter, for they would be free of the planes of Minera and returned to their ancestral home once more. The Tharameni could heal the scars they left, paying for the sins of their father, but the Humans of Tharador should not be held accountable for marring a land they were forced to tread upon.

Thus the two split after seven centuries of lives together. Henrique disappeared: from the Psithars and seemingly from Minera. Violet was heartbroken to lose a love of so many lives, and their psionic link was broken. Where he had left, she could not follow. It was not until nigh a millennia later that Henrique would rear his head once more, finally unleashing one of his cataclysmic plans to return Men to Terra. But seeing the plan in action, and already the ultimate destruction it has caused, and that he has caused to himself, Violet feels she has no choice but to put an end to him, permanently, as much as it may pain her heart.

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