Tasmin Greaves – Druidic Gunslinger


A Half-Elf born of the forbidden love of a Druidic Grove Warden and a Baldurian Forest Ranger. Tasmin embodies the essence of both her parents in her demeanour, both as a no-nonsense gun-toting ranger, and a caring mother of the woods. Though at times these aspects are at odds with one another, she often keeps them balanced as she attempts to keep both sides of the conflicts in The Fringe in check with one another.

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The full story

Tasmin Greaves – Druidic Gunslinger

Amid the meadows and maple trees did Tasmin’s parents first draw eyes on each other,and their weapons soon after. Her father: Saul, a Baldurian Forest Ranger charged with keeping beasts and their druidic handlers away from logging operations in The Fringe. Her mother: Felmandra, a Druidic Grove Warden charged with dismantling and crippling all Baldurian logging operations in The Fringe. Though they met in battle, they were joined as lovers soon after, having fallen for each other’s beauty before their blades. Often the pair would come to meet in secret in the meadow where they first did battle, and eventually Tasmin was born of their forbidden romance.

When Felmandra’s pregnancy became apparent to her order, she was cast out, and though Saul housed his lover in secret on the eaves of his station, it was not long before his secret too was discovered. Thus the couple were outcast, though together they travelled the plains of Baldur’s Heartland to claim a cut of land in the eaves of The Reach forest, building a homestead there with Felmandra’s druidic powers. The two began a life for themselves, and Tasmin was raised by both of them, given a knowledge of her Druidic and Elven heritage by her mother, and taught various ranger methods and firearm knowledge by her father. As she grew older, her adventurous spirit was kindled by her parents, who took her deep into the depths of The Reach, where few men dared to tread for the malevolent spirits that dwelt there.

As Tasmin grew older her experience and upbringing proved an invaluable tool as a ranging guide who would escort scholars and researchers through the depths of the dark and deadly forest. Yet three years prior, Melwyn, the forest’s guardian, grew corrupt and irate. This began to spread through the woods like a plague, and Tasmin could no longer continue her work in good faith. Soon after her parents were forced to abandon their homestead for fear of Melwyn’s wrath, and feeling that nowhere could be home again, Tasmin succumbed to wanderlust, choosing to travel to each corner of Tharador instead. Though she kept her indignation and love of nature, she was quick to deal out justice and death when she saw wrongdoers defile sanctuaries of Tharador’s natural beauty, or poachers pressed on to hunt rare and beautiful beasts for the sport of it. As such, Tasmin has earned a reputation as a dispenser of frontier justice, regardless of where she might be. She’s known as an outlaw in several kingdoms because of this unfettered sense of duty, which has now led her to the Kingdom of Draksborne as the ailment of Dragonblight there begins tearing apart the fabric of Tharador from its very core. She hopes there to aid in whatever way she can to remove the blight, and heal the torn land after.

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