Ator – Revenant of Vindication


Born of strife and vengeance, the enigmatic Ator walks a lonesome path on his road for answers and justice. Now at the end of his road his goal is obscured by a miasma of eldritch horrors, yet not even they can keep him from claiming his final coup de grace against those who betrayed him in life.

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The full story

Ator – Revenant of Vindication

Ator’s life was one constantly on the roads of Draksborne’s wilderness. A ranger of the Ashen Foxes alongside his younger brother and sister, he cared little for the luxuries afforded by cities and towns, and often felt most at home amidst the woods, self-reliant on the bounties afforded to him by nature. Yet there were often times where he was forced to return to civilization, reporting into his ranger guild for new equipment or repairs to his existing gear. It was in one of these routine stop ins that Ator’s life would drastically change.

He arrived in Eredel amidst a funerary service held for two rangers, only to grimly discover both were his younger siblings, allegedly mauled by a Northern Masked Owlbear in the ranges of the valley. He couldn’t believe it, asking to see their bodies himself, he was denied, though by breaking into the catacombs later to exhume their bodies, he confirmed his suspicions. Dagger wounds painted their corpses, and he soon after sought a scroll of Speak With Dead to uncover the truth of his sibling’s deaths. Soon he found out that his order was compromised, paid off by a high bidder to turn a blind eye to a coming storm that would lay waste to the Eredel Valley, and perhaps Draksborne or Tharador at large. As he hastily left the tomb, aiming to inform the Duke of his brethren’s treachery, he was ambushed. His brethren surrounded him in the tomb, and a dozen blades sunk into him again and again until he drew his last breath.

Though his spirit parted from his body, he refused the call to Namneri’s chalice, ripping himself from its pull and throwing himself back into his corpse, now carried and dumped in the woods outside the city: carrion for the crows. When he awoke a strange power surged through him, a power of vengeance, hatred and justice. He pondered if Erdrydion himself had allowed this to occur, though did not dwell on it, for in his mind his goal was clear: the complete eradication of all the traitors who slew him and his kin. Shrouded in darkness he stormed the guild hall of the Ashen Foxes, and using his newfound powers, slew all he found. Yet some eluded him, and notes he found in the hall alluded to the headquarters in Sundestra being the brainchild of the plan, and implicated dozens of others across Draksborne. Soon after this Dragonblight took its hold on Eredel, as was foretold, though Ator paid it little mind.

He set out on his quest across the kingdom to begin systematically slaying every single ranger that took gold for this abhorrent act, and had his final sights set for Sundestra, where he suspected the last of Eredel’s chapter had fled. He wished most of all to save the final blow for the Guild Master, Dorias. For it was he that put the events in motion. Though now the city is in the deathly grasp of Dragonblight, Ator remains undeterred from his goal. The vengeful ranger only hopes he can strike down Dorias and the others, before the plague does.

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