Heron of Daronai (Bust)


A Nosmeni born beyond the bounds of the Reveries of the Nocturnal Abyss, yet bound to it all the same by a lust for power and beauty. Heron now repays his debt to an alluring devil in unpredictable and nonsensical ways. Though he maintains his sense of self and autonomy, he may be called upon by his master at any time.

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The full story

Heron of Daronai (Bust)

Born in the scenic fishing town of Daronai, Heron’s infernal ancestry has been a sore point for all his life. Though his family is many generations removed from the dark and fiery depths of Nosmarka’s Nocturnal Abyss, Heron himself would proudly laud himself as being from the Fourth Reverie, though without any grasp of his ancestral powers there was little boon to his ancestry. Rather he, like many of his ancestors in Tharador suffered from the constant ire and suspicion of the locals. Though his father Aquis was a fisher, few would buy from him, even with his prices lower than many other fishermen in the town.

It wouldn’t take long for the ire of the townspeople to turn to wrath when a parasitic blight began in many local fisheries, save for the areas frequented by Heron’s father. Aquis was lynched by an angry mob of fishermen, their families, and starving townsfolk soon after. His mother, a human, could no longer bare the constant subjection to insults, profanities and shame put upon her for mothering a hellspawn. She left Daronai, but to where Heron has never known. All that remained in her wake was a handful of silver. It was not enough to buy a fishing boat, nor any equipment, and it barely lasted a week for him to feed himself with. Were it not for a group of other orphans living in Bellman’s Cove in the town’s outskirts he would have perished. There he was welcomed with open arms, though as part of the Bellman Buccaneers he was forced to do things he was not proud of, nor would ever do under other circumstances.

It shaped him into a darker, jaded person than he ever imagined himself, despite his wishes to always escape such a life, and remain light-hearted and optimistic as his father had taught him to be. Seeing this desperation, and the tinge of darkness inside him, the dark temptor Desdremon reached out to the young Nosmeni, seeing him as a lost child from his homeland of the Fourth Reverie of Drought and Despair and a wayward child needing guidance back to his ancestral routes. Heron, though alarmed, cautiously took the devil’s deal, maintaining his own free will and place upon Tharador indefinitely, though with the promise that his death would see his soul taken to his ancestral home in the Abyss, where he had been given a glimpse of his father there, awaiting him. All that was required in exchange for the powers and good looks of the Heroes of Old was for him to do “the occasional favour” for Desdremon. Though Heron quickly learnt that these favours, though few and far between, were often deadly, but with his Desdremon’s powers leant to him, he was able to easily navigate around most.

Now he faces his strangest, as his apparently philanthropic master sends him into the depths of Sundestra as the city falls into anarchy, death and disarray as Dragonblight wraps its tendrils around the city, squeezing the life out of it. With an unlikely group as his allies, he is determined to try bring a halt to the tide of death, as is his master’s mysterious will.

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