Ascended Flayers of Hendrak


Flayers that were once humans, turned into servants of Hendrak. After his journey to Duorastat and Khandara in Oldavor, he uncovered the secret of metamorphosis and used it to begin forming an army of Flayers from rangers and prisoners lost in the wastes of Oldavor and the depths of Khandara.

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The full story

Ascended Flayers of Hendrak

During the reign of the Oldavori Empire in the First Era, the Flayers were a secret experiment the Colossals had worked on in the depths of hidden fortresses and laboratories across their remaining lands. A splice of genetic material of Colossals, spawns of Quorenderi and psionically gifted Men, they were intended to be used as a super weapon against the forces of Men, though the creatures were not as subservient as they had hoped, and instead rebelled against their creators. Soon after, the Vavanasai was activated, though its sabotage at the hands of Hendrak (Henrique at the time) resulted in the utter destruction of the Oldavori Empire as it was blanketed in ice and snow forevermore.

When Hendrak travelled to Oldavor almost a thousand years after its fall, he uncovered the remains of Flayer incubation chambers, as well as the alchemical process for inducing a metamorphosis into psionic humans to transform them into the creatures. With these he begun building a small army of the creatures in the snowy plains, capturing rangers of the Last Watch and placing them in the incubation chambers. Now they act as his loyal servants, furthering the spread of Dragonblight across Draksborne, and using their powerful psionic abilities to mind control and dominate Hendrak’s most powerful enemies.

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