Terrain Set – The Defiled Chalice of Namneri


As Dragonblight swept the land, Namneri and the Tharameni were filled with dread, for they saw that those perishing from the disease did not find their souls moved to Namneri’s Chalice. Some veil obscured where their souls would depart to, though unknown to the Tharameni Hendrak had been gathering them to empower himself. Soon after he would teleport into Syelden itself where he would pilfer the Chalice, using it as a catalyst for his ascension to godhood.

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The full story

Terrain Set – The Defiled Chalice of Namneri

As Dragonblight swept across the land, an insidious shadow fell over the hearts of the Tharameni. Namneri, the shepherd of souls, and his divine siblings watched in mounting dread, for they observed a horrifying anomaly: those perishing from the plague did not find their souls ushered to Namneri’s Chalice, the sacred vessel that guided them to the afterlife. Instead, an enigmatic veil obscured the fate of these lost spirits, leaving the gods in a state of uneasy bewilderment. Unbeknownst to them, Hendrak, the malevolent sorcerer, had been clandestinely siphoning these souls, drawing them into his dark grasp to bolster his own power.
The air grew thick with a foreboding silence as Hendrak’s ambitions culminated in a bold and blasphemous act. With arcane prowess, he teleported into the hallowed halls of Syelden, the heart of divine reverence, and pilfered the Chalice of Namneri. This sacred artifact, now tainted by his touch, became the catalyst for his nefarious ascension. Hendrak’s eyes burned with a manic fervor as he harnessed the Chalice’s power, intertwining it with the corrupted essence of the stolen souls. The heavens themselves seemed to tremble as Hendrak, now poised on the precipice of godhood, prepared to unleash an era of darkness upon the world, his ascent marked by the defilement of the sacred and the subjugation of the divine.

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