Karena – The Airborne Psionic


An Air Elemi hailing from the exotic Elemi land of Abunos. Karena was found by the Psithars only a few years ago, with her induction being a place of contention for many of its members, who often argue against allowing non-humans into their ranks. Though Karena might be side-eyed by many of the order, her natural abilities afforded by her Elemental heritage give her a keen advantage against many of her peers, though this too can earn their ire and jealousy.

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The full story

Karena – The Airborne Psionic

Karena was born amidst the roaring windy canyons of Szelvihar in the Air Elemi nation of Abunos. It is this city that acts as a central trade hub for the Air Elemi of Greater Abune, connecting their nation to the Tri-State’s capital of Beke. Here her father, a travelling Baldurian merchant, had fallen in love with her mother, a silkweaver well-known for her opulent dresses and robes coveted by nobles from across Tharador. Thus Karena was raised in a home of splendorous wealth, forming a strong bond with her mother.

When Karena came of age, she found herself tired of the monotonous life of lavish luxury she was raised in. Her mother coddled her, and her father was often absent, having continued his life as a merchant, returning only a handful of times per year. Thus in the dark of night she slipped out, travelling to Beke where she soon after joined a caravan bound for Baldur’s capital of Grimgate. Here she found herself out of her depth very quickly – though she learned Common from her father, the vernacular of the everyday Baldurian proved very different: filled with unfamiliar slang, abbreviations and words beyond her knowledge. She thus found it difficult for gainful employment, additionally owed to her alien appearance as an Elemi, forced to work menial jobs that could barely pay for her board in a dingy inn each night.

Thus it naturally came that those she worked with would notice her unique abilities as an Air Elemi, and point her to a place where she could make much more lucrative coin, though in a way that only those with steel nerves could muster. Thus she came into the employ of a local thieves’ lodge, tasked with heists and burglaries against the upper elite of Grimgate in their tall manors beneath the walls of Platinum Keep. It was here that Karena discovered another innate talent in herself, some sort of extra sense where she could see through the vision of others nearby, even if they were on the other side of a wall, allowing her to easily sneak by the manors unnoticed. When Karena robbed a manor owned by Orthis, the Psionic Master quickly detected her use of powers on him. He was swift to apprehend her, finding an Elemi with a power innate to humans exceedingly curious.

He offered her two choice: submit and spend the next several years of her life in a prison cell, or become his apprentice in the Psithars and learn to further hone her psionic abilities. She chose the latter, and has thus served beneath Orthis for the last four years, showing an impressive and promising knack for her psionic abilities as a natural prodigy. Now she faces her most difficult task yet, as the world-ending Dragonblight brings the Kingdom of Draksborne to its knees. She has travelled ahead of her master to the Psithars headquarters in the catacombs of Sundestra, trying to assess the situation for her master before he arrives in the city with help from other members of their order.

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