Elthakar the Reborn


In the depths of Duoarastat, the corpse of the Shapeshifter Flayer lay for nigh three years, frozen among the wastes. When Hendrak delved into the ancient dungeons of the Oldavori capital, he found the slain creature among them. Seeing their usefulness, he reanimated the creature, and bestowed into it powers even greater than what it held before.

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The full story

Elthakar the Reborn

The hivemind of the shapeshifters, though slain three years ago when its plans unravelled. Elthakar was a Shapeshifter, gifted with psionic powers after it consumed a Flayer, taking control of all its kin soon after. When it was slain, the control it held was lost, and Shapeshifters across the Oldavor and its border territories were let loose and rampant. Quickly their numbers dwindled, as they no longer were guided by the wisdom of Elthakar, and would often throw themselves at Colossals and Rangers who had long mastered the means of destroying their kind if they were aware of them.

When Hendrak made his expedition into the northern wastes, and delved into the depths of Duorastat where Elthakar’s corpse lie, he saw the value in the monstrous creature. Breathing life into the abominable creature once again by inflicting it with Dragonblight, he had it bent to his will, and with it, the Shapeshifters once again at his disposal. It was through this manner that Hendrak was able to have the creatures infiltrate the highest echelons of Draksborne’s society to pave way for Dragonblight. Now as his plan nears fruition, Elthakar and his shapeshifters remain in Sundestra, picking away at whatever survivors are left in the condemned streets of the once bustling city.

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