Olamize Tartt – Hunter of Dragons


A Dragon Hunter with a bounty on his head that has pushed him into the remote reaches of northern Tharador. Olamize has made many enemies in his time as a renowned figure among the continent’s gambling circles. All the good luck is now cashing in though, and without a means to make coin through gambling dens in Greypeak, Olamize must resort to his old profession of monster hunting.

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The full story

Olamize Tartt – Hunter of Dragons

A burly Potan barbarian with a penchant for taking risks, Olamize always had a weak spot for the roll of the dice, the shuffle of cards, and the promise of easy gold. His gambling prowess and infamous luck made him a known figure in the gambling dens across the cities of Tharador. During a visit to Draksborne, a kingdom famous for its decadence and elaborate gambling establishments run by the Rossa Cartel, Olamize became a regular in their lavish “Siren’s Call” casino. His towering figure and boisterous laughter were as familiar as the clinking of coins and the rustle of playing cards.

One fateful night, feeling particularly lucky, Olamize gambled away most of his earnings, leaving him in a precarious position. In a final desperate attempt, he bet against “Skilet” himself, the elusive leader of the Rossa Cartel. The bet was simple – a game of Wolfkeep’s Chase, a notoriously complex and unpredictable game. If Olamize won, he would walk away with his debts cleared and a hefty sum to boot. If he lost, he’d owe the Cartel a debt he could never repay.

As the dice tumbled, luck favoured the daring Potamian. Against all odds, Olamize won, leaving the gambling den echoing with surprised gasps and the frustrated growls of the Cartel’s leader. However, shortly after his win, rumours began to circulate that Olamize had rigged the dice. The Cartel, feeling cheated and publicly embarrassed, branded Olamize a swindler and put a substantial bounty on his head. They issued a decree across Tharador, promising a reward for his capture.

Seeking to flee the bounty hunters of central Tharador, Olamize journeyed north beyond the grasp of the Rossa Cartel and where would-be assassins and bounty hunters might not think to tread. There he applied his trade as a monster hunter, using his knowledge of hunting the great beasts of Zandorion. He now is tasked by the kingdom to participate in an expedition into a deep hollow beneath the mountains, with the likely threat of being face to face with ancient, deadly dragons. Having slain a juvenile dragon in his past, Olamize feels confident facing whatever perils might await.

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