Ninera Glynvari – Cleric of the Moon


A cleric of Glanbeli, Ninera has had a tumultuous childhood. Her faith was tested during the months of the Falling Moon, but renewed when the moon hatched and gave life to Glanbeli’s soul. With her prayers now answered instead of deafening silence in response, Ninera seeks to fulfil her goddesses wishes. Her enclave leader Kadna has asked the half-drow to descend into a great expanse discovered a year ago when Glanbeli was first brought to life.

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The full story

Ninera Glynvari – Cleric of the Moon

As a child Ninera and her mother were outcast from the conclaves of Lo Fuin. Her mother, a Drow ranger, was wounded in battle against her father, a human and a cleric of Cedhelieth. Though Ninera’s mother thought the final blow would come, she instead found the human to be healing her, casting magic to speak her language and tell her how he was only there as a guardian for the weak at Zander’s Peril. He brought the injured Drow back to the fortress, and the two quickly fell in love and soon the Drow was with child, with Ninera. But her father’s time in Lo Fuin was ending, and though he wished to bring the unborn Ninera and her mother home to Belfrie with him, the Drow had her own duties with her people and could not leave.

So she gave birth to Ninera, one of the first and only half-drow to ever be born in Lo Fuin. The child was scorned from birth, called a progeny of corruption and evil. Ninera was called by worshippers of Irinax to be put to death, but the Glanbelian Drow would not give up one of their own, even if the child’s blood was tainted by Man. Though they complied, exiling the babe to the surface where it would surely face death, the High Priestess of Glanbeli had her rangers retrieve the infant shortly after all the Irinaxi had left, satisfied the babe would surely perish.

Ninera was then raised in secret, and even her mother thought her child dead. But in truth she was now in the convents of Glanbeli, under the tutelage of Kadna Glydrin, and would only meet her mother when she was matured, which caused them both much heartbreak. Though in the convents Ninera grew up alongside another acolyte, Relethyr Velin, a young Drow (though still almost forty) who was studying to be a paladin of Glanbeli. The two found love in each other’s constant company, and married under a full moon with Glanbeli’s love and blessing only several months before. Now the husband and wife are inseparable agents of Kadna, and her prized instruments in exploring the lands beyond Lo Fuin.

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