Tharvaya – Ascended Dragon Warlock


Tharvaya was a disciple of Brazatul, one of his chosen progeny alongside her brother Tharvian. The Dragon trusted them both dearly, bestowing his powers upon them to act as his champions. When Brazatul was defeated, her powers waned and her brother was killed. Finding herself powerless, Tharvaya honed her mind until she became her own patron for her powers, becoming more powerful than ever by doing so.

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The full story

Tharvaya – Ascended Dragon Warlock

Tharvaya was a hatchling from the same brood as her brother, Tharvian. The two were raised in the confines of Brazatul’s domain, showing exceptional promise within his pact as a Breath Wielder. When she had matured, Brazatul granted Tharvaya his powers to act as her champion, and her brother Tharvian followed suit. During the months of the Falling Moon a year prior, Brazatul was defeated, and Tharvaya’s brother Tharvian was slain in the aftermath, her also barely escaping with her life. She fled into the depths of the domain, deep into the lands that Brazatul sat to keep secret.

There in the cavernous land she was lost, in every way she could think. Her powers were stripped and her world and birthplace was in ruin. All she could do was continue to struggle, hoping for a moment of reprieve, or to wake from the nightmare she had fallen into. For weeks and months she tried to summon the powers of Brazatul to aid her, but as all her efforts felt in vain, a different kind of power sparked in her: one from within. Though her patron’s powers had left her, an ember was left behind: a spark which she fed and breathed life into until an inferno roared within her heart, drawn from her own soul.

Rokarthion the Red discovered her in the depths of the Hollow, living off the land like a savage despite her noble and elegant form. He armed her, armoured her and sold her a promise of retribution against those who had ruined her life. Now she is ready to exact her revenge against those who took everything from her: the surface dwellers in the human lands of Greypeak.

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