Relethyr Valin – Paladin of the Beacon


An orphan who fled his home of Iriksha after failing his coming of age ceremony. Relethyr found a welcoming embrace in the Drow of Hirika instead, where the worshipped beings weren’t monstrosities, but the Old Gods of Tharador and the beautiful moon, Glanbeli. There he studied as an acolyte of Glanbeli under Kadna Glynvari, hoping to one day return to his home and free his family from the shackles of Irinax worship.

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The full story

Relethyr Valin – Paladin of the Beacon

Relethyr was raised in Iriksha, the largest Drow city on Lo Fuin. There the Cult of Irinax are the rulers of the people, and all its citizens are members of the cult. Going through a trial to adulthood in Irinaxi Drow culture sees a male exposed to a nest of giant spiders. Showing fear is a sign of failure, and the boy is usually left to be consumed. Reletyhr failed his trial, but scurried into the dark and narrow caverns and passage of the Underground. There the boy roamed for days, before finally stumbling upon a group of rangers from Hirika who took the boy back to their home city. There he was given to the Temple of Glanbeli as most orphans are.

Though he found himself having little choice in the matter, he came to love the temple and its inhabitants: they were filled with kindness, patience and understanding—virtues absent in his home. He was an acolyte under Kadna Glydrin, training to one day become Aktha Glanbeli, a Blade of the Moon. These were Paladins of the Moon, warriors of the Temple who would be the first to fight against the Irinaxi Drow if tensions were to ever reignite between them again.

The temple was lonely for Relethyr, outcast as an outsider by the other children for being an Irinaxi Drow. This changed when one fateful day a girl was brought to the temple, a half-drow. She had been raised in secret for much of her life, and also was outcast by the others for her heritage. The two bonded as childhood friends through their different paths as Kadna’s acolytes, but as they matured their bond grew into love, and then marriage. The two married under a full moon with Glanbeli’s blessing, a few years after completing their training and being officially anointed as part of Glanbeli’s Temple. Now they are agents of Kadna, sent across the Overworld of Tharador to gather information and allies that might help them with their future conflict with the Irinaxi Drow.

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