Zandoril – Dragonborn Ranger


One of the few dragonkin under Rokarthion’s rule that are given leave to explore the world above, though their lips about what lays in those lands must be tightly sealed. Zandoril is a ranger and trailblazer, scouting the surface for imminent threats after the defeat of Brazatul a year prior. He now watches in anticipation as an expedition from the surface dwellers seems to be heading their way, into Brazatul’s old lair to delve into the depths below.

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The full story

Zandoril – Dragonborn Ranger

Though most dragonkin of the Hollow are kept ignorant of the world above, there are a few whose entire purpose is to simply watch it, though never share word of it with any except Rokarthion and his most loyal advisors. Zandoril is descended from a line stretching to the First Era of Surface Scouts: trusted soldiers and rangers who keep watch of the world above for threats, ensuring that their existence in the lands below is never uncovered. Zandoril has undying loyalty to Rokarthion and his advisors, and is thus an indispensable tool for the Red Dragon.

Surface scouts are trained from a young age, learning to scour through caves and mountains unseen and with the speed and grace of a hawk. They are excellent climbers and deftly trained with both bow and sword. Zandoril in particular can climb a vertical cliff face with his bare hands and feet in a lizard-like manner. This trait is born into most of Zandoril’s line, and those without the ability are usually kept from fulfilling their duty, forbidden from travelling to the surface. It is this trait that allows the Surface Scouts to operate mostly unseen, able to quickly scale to cover or climb out of sight. Though they seldom leave the mountains, Zandoril has been daring enough to trek to the walls of Vanlund, in awe at the beautiful lake-borne city.

But the beauty of Men is not enough to sway him from his duties. He has been sent many times since the defeat of Brazatul a year prior, watching and waiting to see how the Men might react. After many expeditions to clear out the caves of the rest of Brazatul’s progeny and kobolds, they seem to be preparing for an expedition into the depths itself, and Zandoril worries that the interlopers may indeed discover the Hollow.

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