Horakthar – Dragon Commander (3 Poses)


Death is swift to those who defy or cross the Dragon Commander of the Hollow. Innumerable are the corpses left in his wake, smouldering in the fires of his forebears, the dragons of the Hollow. Horakthar is their champion, commander of their armies and knights. Atop their backs he rides into battle, thrown into the midst of their enemies in a trail of fire and glory. Few have witnessed it and lived.

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The full story

Horakthar – Dragon Commander

Horakthar was raised as a hatchling under the tutelage of his father, Commander Varisk. The Dragon Commanders of the Hollow are an ancient lineage that traces their lineage back to the end of the Age of Creation when Dragons first sought refuge beneath the crust of Tharador. These expectations were placed on Horakthar from hatching, and he exceeded them sensationally, much to the delight of his father and Rokarthion, their patron and draconic ancestor.

When Horakthar was old enough, he became a Knight of Rokarthion, the enforcers of Rokarthion, the fortresses that kept the tides of rebellion at bay. But even the strongest stone walls might be breached by ten million waves, and soon the inhabitants of the Hollow grew discontent with their rulers. Anarchy erupted, and the dragons splintered, each claiming to be the true or best rulers for the Hollow. In these battles, Commander Varisk was slain, leaving Horakthar to assume his father’s place, and his birthright as the Dragon Commander.

Since then, Horakthar has managed to bring to heel many of the splintered factions, putting them under Rokarthion’s rule once again, though many more still remain. It is the will of his patron that all those who dwell in the Hollow are controlled by him, and any who would declare otherwise are traitors. Horakthar’s undying loyalty and unquestionable resolve to his ancestor has seen many atrocities committed in his name, and more will continue to be as he carries out Rokarthion’s will with zealous enthusiasm.

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