Terrain – Bones of Cazarion


Cazarion was the last Mineran Dragon of the hollow, called a divine messenger by some and a tyrant by others. The story of his death is the subject of many ballads, tales and epic sagas told throughout the Hollow. Details change each time, and it seems the true cause is lost to history. If his bones are to be believed, he was skewered by dozens of ballistae in his final flight against the forces of Rokarthion, but some attribute these to having been planted by Rokarthion years after the elder’s death.

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The full story

Terrain – Bones of Cazarion

When the Hollow was first made, one of the first Dragons, the Minerans, led their kin there. Cazarion was his name, a golden dragon who was tasked with keeping his people there in the lands below, answering to Tharador himself. When the dragons grew restless and began to feel their anointed home was in fact a prison, it was Cazarion who they blamed. Many wars were fought in their bid for freedom, while Cazarion did his best to keep his people confined.

Though one day he fell, and his death has been the topic of much debate since. Rokarthion claims the Golden Tyrant was slain by him personally, tearing at his neck and ensuring his death by having dozens of ballistae shoot at his corpse after. Others claim the dragon was poisoned, had a spell cast on him or received some kind of divine punishment. Regardless, the bones of Cazarion are left on display near Rokarthion’s lair as a reminder of the Red Tyrant’s right to ruler, and an acknowledgement of the change he enacted on the Hollow.

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