Umbrascale – Draconic Rogue


An agent of Rokarthion, though his loyalty to the Red Dragon are tenuous. Umbrascale and his kin descend from Kargon the Black Death, who is forced into subservience by his red scaled foe. Should Kargon dare to fight for independence against Rokarthion and his pacts again, they would face utter annihilation. So now they serve, though with gritted fangs and a hope that a chance will rise again for their freedom.

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The full story

Umbrascale – Draconic Rogue

Kargon the Black Death is one of the few Black Dragons left in the Hollow. Though his spawn of Dragonkin are many, they are weavers of shadows and death dealers, not warriors to fight in the battlefield. When Rokarthion and his pact declared themselves the sole rulers of the Hollow, Kargon and many other pacts fought against it. But Kargon was one of the first to fall, beaten into subservience to the Red Dragon, along with his kin. He was then forced to see that his progeny multiplied fruitfully, as they would be a great service to Rokarthion’s future plans.

Umbrascale and his siblings are part of this progeny. Raised from birth to be masters of shadows and subterfuge. Daggers in the dark, with forked tongues behind their fangs to weave wicked lies. Descendants of Kargon are gifted with a unique form of draconic breath that allows them to weave light and darkness around them, enshrouding themselves in shadows or snuffing out all light from a room. These are powerful gifts to have in the Hollow. Their physical forms tear away, melding with shadow and darkness.

Umbrascale is an elite of his kin, having earned much of Rokarthion’s favour through subtle sabotage and killings of his enemies. Though Rokarthion does not wish for this favour: his loyalties lie solely to his ancestor, Kargon. But Kargon sits beneath the heel of Rokarthion, and should the Red Dragon ever feel a hint of rebellion from his black-scaled brother, he would be quick to snuff out his life, and see the utter annihilation of all his progeny.

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