Knights of the Dragon


Knights that answer to the command of Horakthar, who in turn is the voice of Rokarthion the Red Tyrant. They answer to the whims of their commander, gladly ready to throw themselves upon their own swords, or the front lines of the enemy. Honour is seen in death through battle, and all Knights of the Dragon wish to see their lives end in a glorious slaughter against Rokarthion’s enemies.

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The full story

Knights of the Dragon

Horakthar’s Knights of the Dragon are hand chosen by him and past Dragon Commanders. Most descend from long lines of warriors and soldiers, though some are unsung fighters who proved themselves to him in trials and duels against their kin. Any who stand in the golden scaled armour of Horakthar’s Knights do so with a trail of blood left in their wake, as none enter the Knights with a virgin blade. Many are forced to slay their kin or prisoners of war in combat to prove themselves as capable warriors to enter such an order. Some may have been prisoners of war themselves, slaying a dozen initiates in the gladiatorial pits before being given their “freedom” in service to the Red Tyrant and his commander.

Only two dozen Knights of the Dragon may exist at a time, and the death of one will see him replaced in a matter of days, such an ordeal becoming a large event in the Hollow. When a large loss sees numerous slots open, it becomes almost a trial of sports and competition for all residents of the Hollow as they watch young dragonkin compete in deadly games to win a place among the elite order. Six of those who stand among the knights today found their place in such a tournament.

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