Rokarthion “The Red Tyrant” – Ancient Red Dragon


In hush whispers he is called “The Red Tyrant.” An Ancient Red Dragon who hold sole dominion over The Hollow and its inhabitants. He has ruled for centuries with an iron fist, quelling many rebellions from his kin, doing so with utmost prejudice and violence. His tactics have worked, as many now fear to rebel lest they see the annihilation of their draconic lines.

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The full story

Rokarthion “The Red Tyrant” – Ancient Red Dragon

Rokarthion is an ancient dragon of the Age of Creation, and was one of Mindoriel’s commanders and most prized dragons in her war against Tharador. When Mindoriel was defeated, Rokarthion and many of his traitorous kin feigned regret, and asked for forgiveness. Seeing their deceit, but not wishing to spill any more blood, the Tharameni gave them a realm of their own far away from the lands of Elves and Colossals. Their place was to be the deep earth beneath Tharador, and there they could live among themselves. Though bitterness grew within them, and over millennia Rokarthion has mulled over their banishment, hoping to one day return to the surface and claim it as the land of Dragons and their kin.

Though he knew he could not do this alone, so in their centuries beneath Tharador’s crust, Rokarthion has subjected his kin to brute force to bend them to his servitude. For the most part this has worked, as many dragons and their progeny are entangled in fear after witnessing the complete destruction of many other draconic lines in the Hollow that dared to stand against Rokarthion. Though some have been forgiven for a single transgression (usually after removing a horn or a claw to shame them), a second transgression always ends in obliteration through fire hotter than the sun.

Now he is closer to his goal than ever, and with his belief that their hidden world will be discovered by surface dwellers any day, Rokarthion seeks to expedite his plan. Should surface dwellers encroach on his realm, he knows it will be the time to put his plans of conquest into action.

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