Zarbaeth – Arch Druid of the East


The Arch Druid of the Eastern Pillar, Brel Vardra. Zarbaeth was raised within the druidic circle there, his grandfather being the first Arch Druid to tend the pillar in the time of Renmaeth’s Slumber. When age took his grandfather, Zarbaeth at the still tender age of three-hundred summers took the mantle of Arch Druid as voted by the circle. Though his time as the leader and protector of the tree has been trialing, the occupiers of the surrounding lands have long forgotten their love of nature and its care. Forests have been turned to graveyards and discourse has been sown in the Alimrothi nobles to see druidic magic as witchcraft.

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The full story

Zarbeath – Arch Druid of the East

Zarbaeth was born to the only daughter of the first Arch Druid of Brel Vardra. Much of his many centuries of life has been spent in the shadow of the bountiful and enormous tree. Raised primarily by his grandfather, Zarbaeth’s mother was a Fey-walker and thus he did not see her often in the mortal world. When his grandfather passed, Zarbaeth had just over three-hundred summers to his soul and he had not thought himself to be considered a successor at all.

Yet Zarbaeth had come to earn himself a loved reputation amongst the other three Pillars, for often he traveled there and would aid them in their own times of strife. His power of flight was rivaled only by the swiftest beasts of air, and he would cross the many miles between quicker than most other druids. His true moment to prove himself came at his peaceful resolve between the druids of Brel Endra and starving Goliath refugees who threatened violence on the druids could if they would not share the fruits of the grove.

The fruits of Brel Endra were too few even for a handful of Goliaths, so Zarbaeth traveled through to the Fey-World and shared with them the fruits of Renmaeth’s Dream. The act of kindness brought the Goliaths to respect Brel Endra, and many joined the druidic circle there as either warriors or became druids in training themselves. Zarbaeth as such became known as a diplomat amongst the druids and would often be called to settle disputes or resolve problems between the outside world and the druidic circles.

Though it seems now even his most diplomatic approaches have failed, for the armies of Alimroth seem as though they will be ill-content until Brel Vardra is naught but ash. So he regrettably must use his deep and ancient powers for violence, an act he hoped that would never be forced onto him.

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