Barkette – Fey-Touched Beast


Within the Fey, many creatures and monsters that are regular to our world have their own reflected variant. The Barkette is one such variant, a dream of Renmaeth or the creation of some long-forgotten Arch Druid? It’s unknown. But regardless, Barkette’s exist plentiful both in the Fey World and around the Four Pillars that connect the Fey World to the physical world. Curious beasts that can quickly turn deadly for the wrong traveler, they are friends to druids and banes to foresters.

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The full story

Barkette – Fey-Touched Beast

Renmaeth’s Dream (that is the Fey World) holds many curiosities and strangities, though none as curious nor strange as the Fey-Touched Beasts that lurk within. Beasts made in reflection of those from Tharador, yet are strung of vines and bark rather than sinew and bone. The Barkette is one such beast, and where it and its kin originate from, none who live still know. Even Renmaeth, found frolicking in her Dream will insist they have always been.

Though with their dense population some are bound to spill into the physical world of Tharador too. But with fortune they seem to only congregate in the groves and forests that surround each of the Four Pillars that connect the Fey World to this world. Mostly they are harmless and peaceful, seeming to exhibit grazing-like behaviour, though they don’t actually consume anything nor do they have any known digestive systems.

However they do instill great territorial instinct, and the moment a tree near the Pillars is felled, any Barkette’s nearby will rush to the site of the felling and attack the intruders, usually fatally. So the felling of trees in kingdoms that hold Pillars are usually prohibited, or are considered to not be worth the almost-certain death one would face for doing it.

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