Eyrik – Battle Engineer


The battle-engineer of Airship Clandestine, Eyrik is responsible for the well-being of the ship and keeping it in the air, which can also entail engaging combatants on the ground that might be responsible for harming the ship. His Third Arm is used in the swift fabrication of mechanical contraptions such as weapons, defenses or utilities such as mines or smoke screens.

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The full story

Eyrik – Battle Engineer

Battle Engineers are said to have the most important and difficult roles upon an Airship, though Eyrik sees it as just another day at the job site. If they’re not patching a hole left by a catapulted rock or extinguishing a rudder enflamed by a fireball, they’re on the ground beating or slicing to death whoever did it.

Battle is in their name for a reason, and Eyrik although a seasoned engineer started his time in the AAA as a soldier first and foremost. As such he is as proficient with an axe and a hand-canon as he is with his wrench and multi-tool Third Arm.

Now Eyrik alongside his Airship prepare to take on the Druids of Brel Vardra, and Eyrik has his multitool specially fitted to deal with the damage that might be caused by trees and leaf-smoking troublemakers.

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