Garamoud – Ancient Treant


An ancient defender of the forest. As industrialization scoured the most beautiful forests and meadows of Alimroth, Garamoud was forced to retreat to the confines of the druidic circle of Brel Vardra. There he has stewed in vengeance and anger for nigh a century, the fires of man lighting a fire within his own heart. Garamoud however is gentle and loving with those who are friends of the forest, and acts as a wise sage in councils held at the Circle of Vardra.

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The full story

Garamoud – Ancient Treant

In the Age of Creation, Renmaeth created many stalwart and beautiful defenders and tenders of her forests and groves. Garamoud was one such defender, an enormous pine tree given shape and form, life and mind. He was a shepherd of the forest in the northern reaches of Tharador, to bring safety and growth to the forests whilst Renmaeth’s focus was locked in the lands of where now stands Nan Thalias. Had the war ever grown to Garamoud’s domain, he would defend it with strength unrivaled even by the largest and strongest Goliaths.

Though when the war came to its close Garamoud took much more attention from Renmaeth, as did many of his kin that tended the north. There they had grown thick and abundant forests over the land, even in plains that Renmaeth had left as barren grasslands. Though as the time of the Goliath rose, many of these forests were cut down in large swathes to fuel the Goliath’s lust for conquest.

Garamoud and his kin fought bravely, but were little match against the hordes that marched against them. So many of his kin were slain that the Goliaths thought them extinct, though in truth many fled far to other places of the world. Most southward to Nan Thalias to seek shelter in the great forests there, guarded by powerful Druids. Though Garamoud and a few others traveled east, over the great mountain wall of Brannfest.

There he and his kind remained undisturbed for many years, until the invention of man. The land soured and withered, Renmaeth sacrificed her own soul to create the Four Trees (or Pillars as some called them) to stabilize the fading land, and fell into a deep sleep thereafter. Garamoud protected the tree in the east, Brel Vardra, and many druids flocked to it too. These lands were undisturbed for millennia, until at last humans too crossed the Brannfest.

Sorrows followed soon after. The humans were mostly unintrusive against the woods and nature, though after many centuries they caught a love of fire, fuel, quarries and mines. The tapestries of Renmaeth were torn asunder as the humans of Alimroth plundered the land, destroying the woods that Garamoud lived in as well. With no home left he retreated to Brel Vardra, sure that one day the fires of industry would reach the revered Tree that brought life to all in Tharador’s East.

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