Rolyn – Guardian Spirit of the East


Within each of the Four Pillars lives a great ancestral guardian spirit. Aspects of Renmaeth’s Dream? Or perhaps the guardian spirits combined of the ancient druids that sacrificed themselves in the growing of the Trees? Little know, but the spirits are revered, loved and praised by the druidic circles that guard them. Rolyn is the Guardian of Brel Vardra, and only a handful of times has he appeared to smite trespassers on his grove: once several hundred years prior when a warband from Halvoy thought it might reap the fertile lands of Brel Vardra. With a single swoop did dozens of men become impaled on thorny branches that shot from its wings, and dozens more choked on a poisonous air it screeched at them. Others, long before. Now it rears its head once more as the industrialized armies of Alimroth sit upon its borders, eager to light Brel Vardra ablaze.

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The full story

Rolyn – Guardian Spirit of the East

When the Four Pillars came to be, they were fertilized with the lives of thousands of Ten’gwael: ancient druids of the Order of Renmaeth. This made them grow tall, strong and powerful, infused with the shards of Renmaeth’s soul that made up each one. Though soon after their full growth, spirits of great beasts infused with the Touch of Renmaeth sprouted from each one, similar to the ancient Forest Spirits of Gwynevel and Melwyn. None knew their origin, yet they guarded the Trees and their surrounding lands like sentinels.

Rolyn was that which came to Brel Vardra, the Eastern Tree. An enormous bird of vibrant colours, betwixt in bark, vines and flowers. Leaves took its place of feathers and it seemed wholly to be made of plant matter, rather than anything like a true beast. Many theories sit amongst the druids of Rolyn’s origin, and his avian form. Some see him as a cousin or sibling to the other Forest Spirits of Tharador. Others believe it is an aspect of Renmaeth, projected from the shard of her soul that resides in the Tree. Regardless, Rolyn is nigh wholly mute, and bears little communication with the druids of Brel Vardra save for with Zarbaeth and past Arch Druids.

As such, Rolyn has been a mostly quiet sentinel. He is rarely seen, and when he does apparate from the tree it is in moments to drive off threats from the Grove or potentially eliminate them entirely. Now with the borders of the Grove surrounded by those who would destroy it, Rolyn has appeared, perched upon one of its many enormous branches for weeks.

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