Jotun – Mark VI SPW Mech


The sixth edition in a long line of multi-purpose steam-mechs. The Jotun is an industrial-strength mech purposed in many aspects of Alimrothi life. With removable attachments it is capable of being an asset in warehousing, transport, manufacturing, agriculture, forestry and even warfare. This particular edition is the SPW, standing for Steam-Powered-Warfare, indicating its power source (steam) and its purpose (warfare). It sits sister to the CPF mechs, which are the Coal-Powered-Forestry mechs, able to constantly be topped up with coals by other workers in the woods. The Jotun is the benchmark of Alimrothi progress and hailed by many as a sign of the times and the vision of Alimroth’s future.

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The full story

Jotun – Mark VI SPW Mech

The Jotun Mark VI is a marvel of Alimrothi progress and technology. Designed by the magnanimous aristocrat Jarquin Jotun, the mechs have aided Alimroth in all aspects of its society since their first model. Even the Mark I was made famous for its part in the construction of the first Airships that let fly over the great mountains of Brannfest. Since then they’ve only become more refined and more multipurpose, taken up by some of the biggest names in Alimroth’s steps of progress.

Haugen Agriculture and Forestry are among some of its biggest buyers, using fleets of their specially made Jotuns to easily slice and dice their way through some of the most stubborn forests in Alimroth. Even the beasts that dwell within cower and flee from the might of these great metal goliaths, tails in flame and tucked between their legs as they go.

But an even bigger buyer is the Alimroth Military, who have entire regiments made up of Jotun’s armed with special-made weapons of destruction. These peacekeeping Jotun’s now form the backbone of Alimroth’s military and it’s said the single canon of one of the SPW Jotun’s is able to punch a hole clean through a Baldurian capital ship. Though some of these Jotun’s like the one pictured above have been special fitted to deal with the Druidic Menace that plagues East Alimroth, with druids constantly meddling in the works of Haugen Corp, the military has been asked to intervene.

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