Gorty – War Ram


The mount of War Chief Kartol. An exceptional steed able to carry nigh a tonne upon its back, and an anger in its heart. The beast is as ravenous and steadfast as other Alimrothi soldiers, but transports the War Chief wherever he is needed on the battlefield, able to carry his weapon of choice upon it, or even operate his weapon of its own accord through auto targeting connected to the Ram’s own line of sight.

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The full story

Gorty – War Ram

Alimrothi Rams were used even in pre-industrial times as beasts of burden and transport. The horses of Mayreth never crossed over the Brannfest, and the few that came by boat were of little use in the craggy and rocky terrain of Alimroth in comparison to the native Stone Rams.

Gorty is one such Ram, a descendant of years of selective breeding to make the strongest, heaviest and angriest Rams that the Alimrothi could still keep in check. This particular Ram belongs to a long line of noble and kingly rams, and his predecessors seated the likes of kings and jarls. Now Gorty seats the War Chief of the East, a man with a temper like his own. Often the pair have delved into the midst of battle, and the attachments held by Gorty often assist Kartol in unleashing a wave of death upon their enemies.

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