Kartol & Gorty


The War Chief and his War Ram, Gorty. Kartol is one of few War Chief’s, having command of all military forces in East Alimroth. This encompasses everything from the smallest grunt to the greatest Airships. Kartol is not just a military genius either, his body and armour are hulking and many of his subordinates have watched him crush the skulls of his enemies with only his bare hands. Gorty, the mount of War Chief Kartol is an exceptional steed able to carry nigh a tonne upon its back, and an anger in its heart.

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The full story

Kartol & Gorty

Kartol is the embodiment of a rags-to-riches success story for the common Alimrothi man. The only child of a factory working wife and a police-officer husband, Kartol seemed destined to stay within his commoner status quo. But the values of diligence, honesty and resilience embodied by his parents and all Alimrothi people shone strong in his heart. At the age of sixteen he joined the Mobile Infantry units where he quickly rose in the ranks.

A particular act of self-sacrifice at the age of twenty saw him promoted to Lieutenant after saving his squad from an enemy wizard’s spell, catching it in his hand and casting it back at the foe that threw it. Though his hand was scarred after, still glowing purple and able to emanate magic seemingly at random, Kartol had to have it amputated. Though again he gave selflessly, volunteering in the Augmentation program, taking a mechanical hand in place of his lost one.

The experience saw Kartol worn but wisened and he made many other tactical decisions that saw him continue to rise until he was second in command to the Eastern War Chief at the time. Kartol built a great relationship with War Chief Skraal, seeing him as a mentor and father-figure, so it was little surprise when Kartol was appointed as Skraal’s successor. With the title newly placed upon him, Kartol’s first objective imposed by Alimroth’s ruling men was the assault and destruction of Brel Vardra, to which he would valiantly march against.

Gorty is a descendant of years of selective breeding to make the strongest, heaviest and angriest Rams that the Alimrothi could still keep in check. This particular Ram belongs to a long line of noble and kingly rams, and his predecessors seated the likes of kings and jarls. Now Gorty seats the War Chief of the East, a man with a temper like his own. Often the pair have delved into the midst of battle, and the attachments held by Gorty often assist Kartol in unleashing a wave of death upon their enemies.

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