Aldith – Alimrothi Designated Markswoman


A sure shot as there ever was, Aldith is one of Alimroth’s finest and a war hero. With over three-hundred confirmed kills, Aldith is trained in guerilla warfare and has done an exceptional job at keeping Alimroth’s enemies at bay in the warring kingdom of Mayreth. Aldith graduated top of her class in the AAA, destined from greatness from the start. It’s said she can shoot the belt off a bee from two miles away while riding in an Airship, a feat all her fans would be clamouring to see.

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The full story

Aldith – Alimrothi Designated Markswoman

Aldith was a prodigy child, the first daughter of Jarl of Halvoy she received military training from a young age to act as ruler of her clan on her father’s passing. Though never did any think her to be so talented with a firearm, showing an apt for hunting even before she could read or write. Her father had her enlist in the AAF when she reached twelve-years of age, for in that time he had sired many children fit to lead the house in her stead, where he thought her skills were more valuable to Alimroth in the battlefield than in a chair.

So Aldith found herself in the Alimroth Air Army almost four years younger than most, and despite her small size at the time she still managed to outwit and outskill all her classmates, graduating with the highest honours at sixteen and becoming the Designated Markswoman of the Airship Clandestine. Clandestine is one of Alimroth’s greatest feats of engineering, using reflective technology on its under-hull to paint itself like a cloud as it travels through the sky, making it perfect for covert operations against the enemies in Mayreth.

A ruthless killer on the battlefield, Aldith is known for her warm demeanor and loving presence off of it, constantly showing herself to the adoration of fans at many public events and volunteer efforts. Orphanages erected by Alimroth in Mayreth to help disenfranchised Mayrethi children are often opened with her cutting of the red-ribbons, not to mention the many artworks of herself she donates to museums and places of culture across Alimroth.

Now she has returned to her home city of Halvoy, the pinnacle of wealth in Alimroth. There she and Airship Clandestine prepare the assault against he druids of Brel Vardra for their acts of terror against the peaceful foresters and farmers in the lands just beyond its Grove.

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