Aloxian – Warrior of the Groves


A wanderer druid and warrior that constantly finds themselves patrolling the forests and lands between Brel Vardra, and Brel Endra in Oldavor. Aloxian considers himself a defender of the wilds, though often will step out his way to bring violence to those who at times might not be deserving of its full spate. Regardless he is a friend of both circles, and the druids that inhabit the lands inbetween.

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The full story

Aloxian – Warrior of the Groves

Aloxian was born among the trees, the second son of a hunter in a family of six. He spent many of his earliest years learning to hunt, slaying his first stag at the age of seven. Yet always his father and brothers cared for the land, sure to never over-leap their bounds. This is as it was in Mayreth’s southern woods. Though this peaceful and joyful times were ruined as Alimrothi occupation took the kingdom’s east.

The woods became charred and burned, Aloxian’s homestead was torched for many resistance fighters had fled to the woods to make their bases. One such hunting trip with his mother, Aloxian witnessed the infernos engulf the forest, returning to find their homestead in ruin and the bodies of his father and siblings scattered in and around it. Beswept with grief, Aloxian’s mother took him to a place where she felt she could kindle his burning fires for vengeance. Far to the north, through the deep snows of Oldavor they trekked. Many weeks of blistering and deathly walks followed until at last they arrived at Brel Endra. There his mother revealed her nature as a druid of old, blessed with long life who fell in love with Aloxian’s mortal father.

Aloxian too had these gifts, and trained there for many years before his wont for vengeance was ready to burst at its banks. Before his training was complete, he donned the hide of a northern bear, setting himself south on a pilgrimage to Brel Vardra. In his quest he slaughtered any Alimrothi poachers, loggers or settlers he found. Even those of Mayrethi allegiance he would kill if their respect of the land waned and animals were needlessly killed or forests needlessly felled.

When he passed the mountains of Brannfest he saw much the same on the other side, thought he industrialization of Alimroth scoured and scarred the land even greater than West of Brannfest. He inflicted his vengeance upon these workers too, quickly earning a name among the Alimrothi as a Forest Spirit of Vengeance, “De Vighte Bjorne” they called him, The White Bear. Rumours of his name reached Brel Vardra before Aloxian did, and though he was welcomed there he was scolded for his actions, inciting it as unbalancing an already precarious situation between the Druids and Alimroth. Though Aloxian had little care. He stayed in Brel Vardra for six months, before travelling back to Brel Endra in the summer. He found his tradition to his liking, and continued it for several more years. Though now he is entrapped within Brel Vardra as the armies of Alimroth close around it: he couldn’t have asked for a better fight.

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