Veteran Ranger – Jorrick


A ranger sent to Letzte Uhr for exile: murdering his wife’s lover. His own life forfeited to his liege for his crime, Jorrick was given to The Watchers for his crime. Finding his new life difficult at first, the former stablemaster befriended only the animals of Letzte Uhr and its surrounds. Even after fifteen years in the Watchers he still keeps mostly to himself, though is welcoming towards newcomers should they approach him, offering sage advice regarding Oldavor and its inhabitants to those he deems worthy of receiving such.

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The full story

Veteran Ranger – Jorrick

What might drive a man to murder another? Passion will be the answer Jorrick would give. For it encompasses the reason any man might kill another, be it out of vengeance, anger, determination, desperation, justice or even the heat of battle. It was the same reason he gave at his trial in Forellenholt after he had stabbed his wife’s lover twenty-three times with his carving knife. Eye-for-eye justice was implemented and his life was traded for that which he took. By decision of the Herzog of Forellenholt, Jorrick’s life was given to The Watchers, only to be released from his task in death. Something he was grateful for at the time, but over fifteen years he has begun to detest, wondering if the axe of the headman would have been a better alternative.

Yet he felt a sense of pride in his work over fifteen years. Though he was stoic and a hermit compared to the usual rabble that wound up in The Watchers, he still found the work important. He would often vet newcomers of his own accord, making bets with himself or the few he kept in good company with how long they would last, the groups they would fall in with or how they would die. Those that he vetted as good company he would often deliver true and helpful advice too, from the best way to ensure frostbite doesn’t take your toes to being able to distinguish a shapeshifted horse from a real one.

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