Righteous Cleric – Ziln Sharp


One of the most northern living Dwarves in Tharador, far from the warmth of his home in the mountains of Varekan. In a dream Ziln heard his calling to the north, a vision he felt granted to him by his patron Erdrydion. So he called upon his church to have his pilgrimage sanctioned to the north, where he has spent five years in the bitter cold, watching over the frozen wastes beyond the fortress of Letzte Uhr. Waiting and hoping that his destiny and purpose in the fort will reveal itself in due time.

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The full story

Righteous Cleric – Ziln Sharp

Far from home is a dwarf lost in the constant snows of Oldavor. Though the peaks of the mountains in Dornat Al Karit may receive dustings of snow, it is rare for many dwarfs to set foot within them. Mountain Dwarfs like Ziln are used to hot, humid lands and cities dug deep beneath the earth.The warmest days in Brightstone’s summer would feel like the coldest days of his homeland’s winter. Though he was now slowly becoming used to it, even five years after he had his dream sent by Erdrydion, the divine of justice and truth. It was Erdrydion that purported his purpose in Oldavor and Brightstone. Visions of a towering abomination blanketed in snow, devouring swathes of soldiers as it grew only larger with each bellyful.

Describing his vision to the men in The Watchers lead to either hearty laughs or horrified looks. They kept the dwarf as good company, likely the only of his kind so far north in Tharador. Though he could come and go as he pleased, he held true to his watch over the half-decade he spent there, being prompt to every watch hour he was posted and mixing well with all walks of life in the camp for his charismatic and bouncing attitude. He was confided in as almost a priest for those who wished penance from Erdrydion, while at the same time he would recall stories from his youth in Varekan to the men, telling tales of his seemingly alien homeland. Though the favourite of the men would be the dwarvish curses he would teach them, resulting in most of the garrison taking up swearing exclusively in dwarvish thanks to Ziln.

Within this exterior still sits the same devout dwarf that left his home five years prior, waiting and watchful for his destiny and quarrel with such a beast to come. Knowing that its time may be nigh any day.

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