Caster of the Watch – Tirina Rose


Magic is not taken lightly in Tharador’s northern kingdoms. Many licenses and permits are required for one to learn to wield and use it. Even still it is frowned upon as witchcraft by many commoners, meaning that improper use in public can see one executed or exiled. Tirina was one such unfortunate, using her magic to simply stop a pickpocket in a busy market. Though she saved a merchant a few gold pieces, her public display of magic was shunned. Given a choice of execution or exile to The Watchers, she chose the latter. Now she is one of few magic users that resides among The Watchers, ever vigilant for the time her powers will be required.

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The full story

Caster of the Watch – Tirina Rose

Growing up a halfling in Brightstone had its challenges. Smaller races were not common in the far north of Tharador, least of all in Reichweite, the last testament to civilization before the long trek to Letzte Uhr, marked only by small villages and farms along the way. Tirina’s family were the only halflings in the city, their culture often marked over and assumed to be dwarven. When the city’s few gnome families would have a cultural event, the Rose’s would be thought to be invited or in attendance. It was not always like this though, in Brightstone’s south there were more halfling communities, especially in the city of Grenzturm which was only a two week walk from the halfling community capital of Grans in Formen.

Because of Tirina’s innate magical abilities, her family was forced to relocate to Reichweite so she could attend school at The Grand College in Zwilling Zwei to hone and control her magical gift. It was this or be outcast from the kingdom. The college for her was more palpable, surrounded by like minded people with desires to learn, grow and travel the continent. Beyond the closeted peoples of most Brightstonians who only concerned themselves with happenings no further than a week walk from them.

After she had graduated she began preparing herself for travels beyond Brightstone’s borders, hoping to travel to the University of Ardris in Belfrie to learn beyond her current knowledge. A week after she left in the nearby town of MItte she noticed a pickpocket take the pouch off a merchant who was lazily leaning over their stall. Tirina harnessed Minera’s Breath to trip over the pickpocket and telekinetically snatch the pouch from his hand from a fair distance away, returning it to the vendor. Though the vendor was grateful, those around her saw the witchcraft as unlawful use of magic and called for her to be trialled. With an angry mob yelling voraciously for her to be burned, the very meek Graf of Mitte gave her the choice of being burnt or seeing the rest of her life in The Watchers.

Feeling disbelief and frustration at the situation, Tirina felt all she could do was take the latter choice and write letters to her parents and any who could help to have her sentence annulled. That was two years ago, and still she sits and waits in an environment that is hostile and deadly to her. Though now she has begun to see an opportunity to study creatures and magic that none in Belfrie could hope to dream of seeing, wishing to join a future ranging party in exploring an ancient Goliath ruin beneath the snow and uncovering lost secrets within.

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