Adana White


A ranger lost to a blizzard on her expedition into the wastes. Unfortunately for her was that it was not the cold that took her, rather a shapeshifter morphed to the form of her lost horse. As Adana cradled a fire, praying to any gods that would answer, her horse appeared through the blizzard. As she ran to mount it, the beast opened to a mass of teeth and tentacles, holding her down and slowly and terrifyingly consuming her. Now in her shapeshifted form, the entity cannot mimic her voice, instead acting as though her voice has been taken by illness. At its first chance it will make it to travel beyond Oldavor, to find a village or group it can consume entirely.

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The full story

Adana White

Often Rangers are sent north into Oldavor to scout for Goliath camps or forces before they near the border and travel into Brightstone to terrorize villages and farmlands. Such ranges are routine, but often powerful storms and blizzards can send them awry. It was one such blizzard that saw Adana, a well versed ranger, lost from the rest of her party. Her horse skittering off and leaving her behind, Adana could not see nor hear her companions that would have been only hundreds of feet away. After hours of wandering and nearing death from having half her body submerged as she trudged through snow, she found a small rock clearing.

Able to light a fire from her survival kit for warmth, she huddled around as best she could, wrapping her cloak around the fire as it struggled to gain breath on the rocks and sticks from her pack. The roaring of the blizzard made her all but deaf to the blood curdling scream of a nearby shapeshifter. The noise to her sounded just as another horror of the wicked winds, though she turned and saw her mare that had parted from her near an hour before. Hope filled her, and as Adana ran towards her mount, its torso tore apart, opening to a mass of tentacles and teeth that pinned her to the ground, consuming her entirely and taking her form.

Though unable to mimic her voice, the shapeshifter now has added her form to its repertoire, using it to walk unhindered south, hoping for more victims to cross its path and be easily taken to its biomass. For each devoured entity splits anew from the which consumed it, though shares a consciousness.

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