The Reindread


What an unfortunate reindeer looks like after an encounter with a shapeshifter. This particular one is sharp, separating its form in two when in danger, doubling its odds of survival or its attacking power if fighting a group of enemies. Relentless in its onslaught, it won’t rest until anything around it becomes part of it.

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The full story

The Reindread

During the winters, much fauna within Oldavor’s neighbouring kingdoms will wander into the wastelands unaware of the perils of the kingdom. In summers it is an obvious marker, for clear as day a line of snow and cold trace its way around Oldavor’s border. A boiling summer day turns ice cold as one simply steps over the border into the thick snow beyond, acting as a sure deterrent. Though when snow and ice blankets the lands beyond, animals will know little difference.

This reindeer is one such creature to fall to this mistake, travelling into the depths of Oldavor for days unaware as it hoped to find some form of greenery, near starving. Most would be taken by Nix Centipedes long before. Though chance had that this poor creature stepped toward a shapeshifter, posing as a wounded wolf. As the beast came within ten feet with curiosity, it was ensnared in spiky tendrils as the abomination launched itself towards the reindeer, consuming it whole. Now it travels the wastes in a form even larger, hoping to take more rangers or animals unaware.

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