Nilth – The Psionic Dragon


A cursed experiment conducted by the Psyflayers to interweave their own genes with draconic genes. The result is Nilth, an abomination thought abhorrent by all draconic beings, though marvelled by the Psyflayers. Now he lives within the ruins of Duorastat, the once capital of Oldavor. At the will of his masters, he will fly to where he is needed, capable of his own forms of mind domination and psychic illusions along with the inherent fear driven into the hearts of mortals with his draconic presence. He is an insurmountable foe even to the strongest of warriors.

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The full story

Nilth – The Psionic Dragon

When Psyflayers first took hold in Oldavor after the empire’s fall, they looked constantly for a source of stronger physical strength that might aid them in any foreseeable wars of reclamation waged by the surviving Goliaths. Though this was highly unlikely to ever take place, the pursuit of knowledge and experimentation drove the Psyflayers. Eventually able to uncover the carcass of an ancient dragon buried beneath the snow in perfect condition, the Psyflayers were able to extract it and splice it with one of their own children in an incubation pod.

Years later Nilthiln would be born, a child of considerably less intelligence to the Psyflayers, but still king for his wit among dragons. When he was sighted by the druids of Brel Endra, they wept at the mockery of nature that Nilthiln represented. Many contracts were posted for his head across Tharador, and hundreds of people who took them perished, though hardly any to the dragon itself for the wastes were treacherous and unkind to those who underestimated them.

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