Yokun Golem


When the arcana pools of Oldavor were left unattended after the empire fell, they began to stir and react bizarrely to their surroundings. Some such pools began transmogrifying ice or snow that would drip into them. One such pool felt the wrath of a blizzard enter its chamber, and each snowflake that touched the fountain was morphed to a being like the Yokun Golems. Ice elementals that roam the wastes. Mostly harmless until they see a source of fire, in which case the Golem will enrage, aiming to extinguish the fire and attacking anyone near it as well.

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The full story

Yokun Golem

Oldavor as an empire was magically charged by pools of arcane essence – water infused with Minera’s Breath that would be called upon by spellcasters and other professionals that required it at a moment’s notice in powerful quantities. When the Vavanasai was activated and Oldavor froze over, these pools became unattended as people abandoned the cities or froze to death. Over time they would begin interacting with the environments they inhabited in a strange way. One particular pool settled deep within a chamber had such reactions during a blizzard. As the storm pressed its way through the labyrinth, each snowflake that settled in the pool was born to life. These snowflakes burst into life as Yokun Golems – beings of ice and snow animated.

Though alive they are mostly aimless, seeming to move with the winds and storms of Oldavor. However, should they come to sight with any source of heat, such as fire, a lantern or even a tent boiler, they will enrage. Until the source of heat is completely extinguished they will become a force of death, and will destroy any objects or people that stand in the way of its naturistic goal. Once such occasion saw nearly a whole squad of rangers disemboweled by one such golem as it sensed the boiler in their tent from nearly a thousand feet away in the middle of heavy snow. Nine of twelve were torn apart as they tried to stop the creature from destroying their only source of heat. One more perished to hypothermia on the cursed walk back to the border. The two survivors recounted their tale and are the reason that the Yokun’s are known today as such a deadly force. For the likely thousands of others they claimed over the century were not so fortunate to return to Brightstone.

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