Bloodhunter Captain – Gaius


An elite Bloodhunter of the Order of Charris from Flussende. Paid by Brightstone’s crown directly, Gaius and his men are often sent to the border forts when things go awry. Gaius in particular is one of the few men to ever slay a Shapeshifter and live to tell the tale, having impaled the beast on his enormous flaming Zweihander. It was him that discovered their intolerance to fire was so severe. Now oils are stocked in the fort armouries for such occasions.

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The full story

Bloodhunter Captain – Gaius

The Order of Charris is an ancient order from the first era that first uncovered the power of Goliath Rune Magic in weaponry. Learning to harness the magic for their own needs, they become a powerful front in the Goliath War the saw the end of the first era. Now they still practice the use of this rune magic, having developed it far past what Goliaths did, learning to imbue ranged weapons as well as blades, hammers and axes.

Though now the order is called to Oldavor again thousands of years later. During Shapeshifter sightings or outbreaks Captain Gaius will lead a contingent of men to contain the outbreak. Armed with swords they can easily breath the power of fire into, they make a formidable force against Shapeshifters that might challenge them.

Gaius himself having been one of the few men to have ever slain a Shapeshifter and lived to tell the tale. In the depths of an ancient Oldavori ruin they were attacked by such a beast. Using the fire of his sword to light the way, Gaius’ only logical move was to attack the beast with it. As his blade drove through the body of the pseudo-Goliath the abomination mimicked, it cried a blood curdling screech as it caught alight like a well oiled rag. From him he imposed the knowledge to other Watchers, and oils are now stocked for such occasions as Shapeshifter encounters.

Gaius himself presents a charismatic leader, able to lead his men with adoration and exemplification, though stern and authoritative when times demand. Years of tiring losses have hardened him to a formidable soldier and an even stronger leader.

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